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What does Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise och Michelle Pfeiffer have in common? They all have some form of ADHD

ADHD, ADD, Asperger and Autism camps

Welcome, to a week in the wonderful Marbella area of ​​southern Spain.

During your stay this week, you and your child/ children will be able to meet others with similar issues and difficulties, hence, you’ll see you are not alone.

Have you ever felt that no one understands you and your child's difficulties? 

Have you been met by negative attitudes and incomprehension?
Have you ever felt like it’s just too much and there’s no respite?

You, as parents, may have completely different views on how to raise your child/children, one of you may also have difficulty accepting that your child has been diagnosed with a condition.

It is not only your child or young adult who have the difficulties as it can also affect the whole family unit, therefore, we offer this wonderful and educational week to support you all. 
Camp Wellness is a family-oriented week, rather than focusing on the ’What’ of any diagnosis.

We do not see the diagnosis as an obstacle. For us, it is more an understanding that the individual is unique. A unique person who does not fall under the society's ’normal' narrow framework and social parameters; a free soul that has to be included just a little differently than other individuals. This puts great demands on parents and siblings, but this week will strengthen your family ties and give you significant tools and a support organisation to deal with ’life’ after the week’s course to bring more balance and harmony back home.

Our "approach" is not the scientific, mechanical western approach. We come from a holistic perspective, since we do NOT see these individuals as functionally impaired. The Western approach generally only allows for just 2 choices, medicine to suppress, inhibit or block the symptoms and or, psychiatry.

Our approach is 100% holistic, non-invasive and not medical based. We do not offer any medications but include successful additions such as, vitamins and minerals, dietary advice, coaching, goal setting, group work, neurological therapy, therapeutic acupuncture and other courses of treatments, not to mention, lots of sun, swimming, enjoyment and laughter.

A holistic approach means that we look at the whole picture and body inclusively and in this world, the family, parents, and siblings play a huge and important role.

The schedule for every day is about 4-5 hours long.

We start at 9 am every day and end at 2 pm (including one hour's break for lunch).

The individuals with the diagnosis have a much easier schedule, adapted to their ability and willingness to participate.

We offer the main package where all treatment, coaching, lectures, etc are included (with no accommodation), see below. 

We also have hotel links if you prefer to book a hotel package, where breakfast is included. Just inform us of your choice.

The travel arrangements and cost of journeying to Spain are met by yourselves. We can of course, recommend which flights are best suited, should you require.

Exempel of a camp/ week

Day 0: Arrival, Information meeting in the evening

Day 1: Treatment, Lecture

Day 2: Lecture both AM and PM, Groupativity

Day 3: Treatment, Lecture

Day 4: Lecture / Group work both AM and PM,

Day 5: Treatment, Lecture / Group work, Groupativity

Day 6: Lecture / Group work, Closing meeting

Day 7: Departure home

Every day starts at 09.00 and 14.00

Read more here on this PDF what the various lectures and workshop entail.

What happens now?

All treatments and arrangements are completely tailored for the individual who is going to attend the course. Also, the parents' situation is mapped out so that we can best help you as a family. Do you have the same approach to upbringing? 

How do you communicate? 

What do you have for goal setting and strategy to prevent trouble or problems? Is this consistent? How does it look with the siblings? 

Do they understand that their siblings might need other rules and frameworks?

Before the camp you will be sent 10-page questionnaire to complete. Most of the information you fill as parents, but parts must be filled in together with your child and any siblings. The questions may seem odd and may not seem logical at first but it is for us to set up an individual treatment plan for your child and your family. You submit this form to us at least 30 days before the course starts, as a lot of preparatory work is required.
The week before arrival we book an initial meeting via Skype or similar method.

On returning home from Spain, we will have two follow-up calls. There are also specific therapists that you can access for help and additional treatment back home.

Questions we will address during our lectures and workshops (samples only):

  • Being a parent of a teenager with ADHD (umbrella term)
  • What is your role as a parent? What is your partner's role? Are you a team?
  • Does it tear on the family, on your relationship as parents?
  • How does ADHD affect the family?
  • Stress, fatigue, bad conscience. What happens?
  • It is challenging with a child with ADHD. How do you manage it?
    How do you find your water holes?
  • What are your strategies to cope, to recharge? To be a spouse?
  • How to adapt requirements and expectations?
  • What are your teenager's strengths and weaknesses?
  • What's your for strategies to reduce the nagging? Improve communication?
    Is it the same as your partners?
  • Encourage and praise etc.
  • When and how to take the fight? Should you take it?
  • Curling vs Strict upbringing. What's the best?
  • How do others in similar situations do?
  • Personal time. What do you do to finally have some time for yourself? Do you need time to charge your batteries?
  • How's the sibling relationship and/ or their understanding of the new family composition?
  • Parent communication. Do you speak the same language? How does communication work? Where are the loopholes?
  • Goal as a family, but also as parents. If you don't have a common goal, how do you know where to go and when you are there?
  • Identify Hindering Factors and Forces.

These are some of the topics we address during this extremely intense, but fun week


  • Understanding the unique individual
  • Find strategies, plan the future
  • Goalsetting and
  • Help you find support and understanding
  • Offer an alternative approach
  • Help the family work as a unit
  • Help the parents pull in the same direction
  • Help parential communication
  • Help the sibling relationship/ understanding

On a larget scale:
Offer the absolute best information and strategy for how our members should handle the current situation.

Offer our members a completely new approach to living and communicating.

Help families live and not just survive.

For the youngsters, we've rented a separate room in the hotel, where they can sit and play or just hang out without parents. A place where they can hang but without you hanging over their head, but at least you know where they are.

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