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Notice of Interest Application Procedure

1. Submit a notice of interest application here, using the form provided..

2. We will either send an invitation or decline of application.

3. Upon acceptance, you'll pay the registration fee (€250).

4. We will send you a deposit receipt and a final confirmation, along with the pre-camp study material and a 10-page questionnaire about the child/person(s) in question attending, parental information and family situation.

5. The questionnaire must be completed and returned, allowing a minimum of 30 days prior to the camp.
The timing is essential as tailoring and pre-planning your child's/ and your individual setup/ treatment is required. (No two plans are the same and treatments and setup are customized depending on numerous factors.)

6. 20 days before the start of the camp, the remaining balance must be paid.

NB. Parents and siblings pay nothing for the camp and course itself, they are included in the total price (€1 400). You only need your travel, food and accommodation costs for the time of your stay.


+ 46 707 99 66 36
(WhatsApp as well)

+ 44 20 8638 8411

Personer med ADHD, ADD, Asperger och Autism
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Camp Wellness

Your holistic alternative

Familjeorienterade veckolånga Camps i underbara Marbellaområdet 

Family oriented, week long Camps in wonderful Marbella area. 

+46 707 - 99 66 36
+ 44 20 8638 8411 

Vi finns bara ett samtal bort.
We are only a short conversation away 

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