About us (ENG)

About us

We who run Camp Wellness are Mikael and Cecilia Dahlström and we are native Swedes, hence some English language bloopers every now and then.
Together we've been treating/helping people for almost 40 years and we run two Colleges, where we offer post-grad courses for chiropractors, Sports Massage Therapist, Swedish Massage Practitioners (all soft tissue therapists actually), Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists and so on.
Our "students" include medical staff from Everton, Manchester City and, the English National Rugby Team.

Mikael (Mike) is a Doctor of Chiropractic is a speaker and panel member at various at Health Fairs (Expos) in England for many years and hold webinars for ThinkTree Hub in England, which is broadcasted live all over the world.
Mike has also written a series of articles on pain and healing as well as a book about healing the body underlying pillars to wellbeing "Ditt Framtida Jag" ("Your Future Self").

Over the past 30 odd years, we've gained quite a solid understanding/ knowledge of how the human body works, what drives us, how important our thoughts are, how healing of the body works and so on.

We are well aware that we are not psychologists or psychiatrists, but that is also why we can run these camps/ courses from a completely different perspective. If you also want to go to the Psychologist/Psychiatrist and/ or medicine route then our courses/ weeks are not for you.

We offer several different treatment techniques and understanding that Psychologists/ Psychiatrists cannot offer, as their "hands are bound" by their National Board of Health and Welfare (or equivalent, like NHS). These boards decide what they (Psychologists/ Psychiatrists) are allowed to do/ recommend and what they are not allowed to do/ recommend. We do not have these restrictions, therefore we can offer a holistic approach that they can't or just simply don't know.

For example, we will use ear acupuncture, kinesiology, different ways to balance the brain, various supplements they can't prescribe and so on, all holistic and non-invasive.

To gain a greater understanding of what we do and how effective our method is, visit our college website: www.qinopractic.com.

We are quite confident to state that this week and approach you can't get anywhere else. We tailor every treatment strategy, technique, and arrangement based on a solid foundation, stemming from 40 years of therapeutic experience and 15 years of teaching by professional therapists/ doctors.

The treatment Mike founded is called QINOpractic Medicine and is a combination of Western and Eastern Medicine and philosophy or a combination of kinesiology and chiropractic. QM is also the foundation that we base all our sessions here at Camp Wellness as well and the platsform that we stand on for our new therapists - NPF Therapists (Neuro-Psychiatric Function Therapist). NPF Therapists have even more specific training for this particular group of people and their problems than a regular QINOpractic Medicine practitioner.
Note that an NPF Therapist does not necessarily have to be a QM practitioner as well.

Mike founded the technique and philosophy, but over the years he and his wife Cece has developed it together and the many offspring that has come from the QINOpractic foundation.

After this week, when you arrive back home again and have asked the everlasting question:
"What can I do now?" and "What will happen now, who will I turn to now? The Medical route?"
No, we will have trained NPF therapists to whom you can turn to. These therapists are we equipt with helping you after this week.
You can certainly start your journey at their office as well, however, you will need this week since they are not equipt to deal with the family-orientation part of the Camp Wellness setup, only the treatment aspect.

In addition, in the future, we will offer special trips only for our "customers/clients", not available to anybody else.

Read Mike's CV here
Read Cece's CV here

Dr Mike and Cecilia Dahlström

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