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Helping individuals and families with their challenges


We offer very special weeks for people/families with specific challenges. 

All our camps are one week and offered in Marbella in southern Spain.

All our Camps derive from a holistic approach and not a medical.

Welcome to Camp Wellness

Welcome to Camp Wellness

More and more of our beloved children suffer from difficulties. Society puts a label on these individuals and try to help them the best way they know and is allowed to do.

Camp Wellness offers an alternative option to traditional medicine and its approach. 

Contrary to the conventional medical approach with medication, we offer a holistic angle, with treatments, some holistic products, lectures, workshops, and Group exercises.  

We offer a different/ alternative path for wellness. 

Our Camps are more family oriented, it's not just the child that receives a diagnosis, this affects the parents and the rest of the family as well, and our angle/ approach is more family oriented, where we see the family as a unit that has to function in complete symbiosis, or - as One.

Welcome to Camp Wellness - Your holistic alternativ

These Camps will also be offered in English starting in the fall of 2020.

Why Camp Wellness?

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Why is it when you have questions about ADHD that you feel like you're in a huge superstore and can't find anyone to talk to specifically about your needs? Or the only answer you receive seems very limited and not for you.

We at Camp Wellness understand there are no single, or simple answers and no one-size-fits-all approach to ADHD like problems.
Camp Wellness is a unique course because we provide an approach that differs drastically from the regular Medical route. We not only customize all treatments and remedies for the child/teens specific needs, but we incorporate the rest of the family in the equation as well. We are a family-oriented Camp in wonderful Marbella in southern Spain. 

We provide a customized treatment scheme and home exercises for each individual to improve overall functions, and a solid platform for parents to grow.

We are all born with the ability to pay attention, some of us better than others. People with ADHD don’t have a lack or ‘deficit’ of attention; they have an inability to sustain and direct their attention at will. We will provide an assessment, neurocognitive treatments, customized supplement regime, training, and family management plans, including communication skills, goal setting, brain development understanding and so on.
Give us a week and we’ll change your life, all your lives actually.

We use cutting edge science and treatment for both the child and parents to help the person and unit to reach their full potential.

ADHD parents often feel isolated, not anymore, on Camp Wellness enables you to interact with other parents, so you don’t perceive yourself as alone - you are not.

Camp Wellness is a family-oriented camp that is an alternative to traditional care/medicine/approach to these individuals. Unlike conventional care, we offer a holistic, alternative approach with treatments, lectures, workshops, and alternative medicine products/supplements, but.... no drugs.

We offer you, as parents, an opportunity to take another route, and alternative way to help your child heal, but also a route that will strengthen the whole family as a unit.

Welcome to Camp Wellness

Mike and Cece

Now you, and/or your company, have the opportunity to help children and families get the opportunity to go on this amazing journey.

Not everyone has the financial opportunities to attend this course/camp, but, now you can help contribute with a small amount of money into a scholarship fund where families can receive much-needed help.


Micke och Cecila har gett oss och Sandra ett helt nytt liv. Tack från botten av våra hjärtan för er fantastiska kunskap och engagemang. Jag och min man rekommenderar alla som har barn med neuropsykiatriska svårigheter att ge dessa underbara människor en chans. Du kommer inte ångra dig.

Eva Carlsson (med maken, Stefan och lilla Sandra)

Is Camp Wellness For Everyone?

The answer to that question is simple; No, not necessarily but if you believe that these criteria/ approaches are in accordance with your thought or are open to find a better way, then Camp Wellness will be great for you and your family.

Holistic Perspective

During this week, we will not focus on the symptoms, this is something that traditional medicine does so well anyway.
We will focus on underlying causes and then address these accordingly, treatment, understanding, and strategy.

We offer an alternative route, where you and your children can influence their/ your situation on a daily basis.

More tools

As a parent, you will not only receive many of great tools to help your children but also a deep understanding of how your mutual communication has been and is, as spouses and parents.

Your relationship is perhaps super good and you are already communicating competently, functioning as a unit well and working towards common goals, then that’s great as then these new tools will only deepen and strengthen your relationship further.

Your relationships might be a bit unsteady and the road is bumpier than expected leading to misunderstandings, difficult discussions and perhaps heated arguments. You want the same things but somehow, you seem to talk past each other, maybe you have some communication hiccups? These tools give you a new way forward and are exactly what you need to increase understanding of each other, solve everyday issues and irritations, help you talk ’the same language’ and facilitate a way forward, without unnecessary misunderstandings and arguments.

The tools will help you how to communicate in the best way, set clear goals and work together towards these common goals as parents, spouses and first and foremost, as a family unit.

You'll get the opportunity to learn to live, instead of just trying to get by and survive each difficult day.

Family orientered

If you feel that the current situation you’re in, affects the whole family and that it would be better resolved by having a strong, balanced and well-functioning family, we have a set of great tools to handle everyday life and provide an understanding of how to avoid the usual ’speed bumps’ and  work as a unit towards homogeneous goals..., then Camp Wellness is the answer for you.


For a week, in sunny Marbella, you will find yourself in a more comfortable environment where your children will find new friends who understand them and their situation because they live with similar or the same challenges.

You, as parents, will also find new acquaintances in a community, where you can find support and understanding of you and your situation because they are sitting in the same boat. 

After the week you will also be invited to a group that is there for you. The people in this group have all attended similar camps and understand what we are talking about and how it affects your daily life. Unfortunately, not everybody understands that.


For a week, you and your family get the opportunity to escape everyday life, reset, refocus and combine that with getting a set of great tools to work with, obtain a different perspective of you, your family and your whole situation.


A week at Camp Wellness does not solve all problems but it is a big step on the path and a powerful push in the right direction.

After the camp, many of our participants have asked themselves the same questions: 

But what do we do now? 

How do we proceed from here?

In 2019 and 2020 we are educating even more, highly capable therapists who will be able to help you even after you have returned home. We believe in a long-term solution, with support and help along the way.

Camp Wellness

Your holistic alternative

Familjeorienterade veckolånga Camps i underbara Marbellaområdet 

Family oriented, week long Camps in wonderful Marbella area. 

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