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Cost, booking, cancellation etc


The cost per registered person is € 1 400. This is for the person this registration is for, and all other family members.
For example, you have one child/ teen that you apply for, the total cost will be € 1 400, there will not be any extra costs for parents and/ or siblings that will participate in the seminars/ workshops. However, it is only the person that this application is for, who receives the individualized treatment and a long-term strategy.

Included in the fee:

  • Individualized treatment (for the registered person (s).

  • Lecture and workshop for the parents during every day

  • All material for the registered and parents'

  • Snacks, fruit, etc during the days.

  • Pre-material (approx. 80 pages

  • Follow-up meeting via eg Skype

  • Start-up meeting before the week

  • Everything needed for the treatments, such as dietary supplements.

  • VAT and all other taxes.

  • Certificate for fund or insurance company

  • Access to a VIP page on Facebook that's only available to those who have participated in these courses (including the parents) where you can freely discuss your problems/ concerns with people that know where you're coming from.

Total hours:
The registered person (€ 1 400):
Treatments:                    3
Lectures:                        If they feel up to it
Group activity:                3.5 hours
Teamwork:                      If they feel up to it
Preliminary studies:        If they feel up to it
Start-up meeting:            -
Follow-up:                       If they feel up to it

All activities are on an "If they feel up to it" energy level. No pressure, that can lead to a reluctance to come here for this week.

NOT included in the fee:

  • Transportation
  • Travel arrangemnets
  • Hotel
  • Meals

Total hours:
The Parents/ Siblings (FREE):
Treatments:                    -
Lectures:                        11,5 hours 
Group activity:                3.5 hours
Teamwork:                      5,5 hours 
Preliminary studies:        6,5 hours
Start-up meeting:            2 hours
Follow-up:                       3 hous

Note that if both parents can't attend the course in person, we offer live feed to them, so that they can receive all pertinent information and be able to do the teamwork with his/ her partner later that evening. 

We will offer you a room at a local hotel near the clinic and beach at a good price (but this is optional). We recommend that all participants to stay at this hotel, so that you all have the opportunity to socialize, build contacts/ alliances, slowly build a support organization but also an opportunity for the slightly young people to meet and hopefully find new friends. During this week we have two group activities that hopefully will help them find each other
The young ones will also have their own hotel room where they can hang out, LAN-party (where they play computer games together), escape your monitoring eyes.

Booking and Payment

You book a spot by submitting your Notice of Interest Application. Please note that they do not need a diagnosis to participate.

We will then either send you an invitation or decline your application. 
Upon acceptance, you'll pay the €250 registration fee.

We will then send you a deposit receipt and a final confirmation, along with the pre-camp study material and a 10-page questionnaire about the child/person(s) in question attending, parental information and family situation. This questionnaire is mainly for you parents, but the child/ teen will also fill in some parts. This is essential as we tailor your child's situation, to map and set up individualized treatments and supplements and your customized setup as parents/ family.

Click here to get to the booking form.

Payment 1: Registration fee: € 250
Payment 2: The reaming balance €1 150 must be paid no later than 20 days before the start of the camp.

Note that parents and siblings pay nothing for the camp and course itself, they are included in the total price (€1 400).

Cancellation and refund in case of canceled course:

Cancellation within 10 days of registration - Full refund.

Cancellation 10 days to 3 months before the course - No refund of the registration fee.

Cancellation 3 months to 1 month before the course - 50% of the course fee is charged.

Cancellation with less than 30 days to the course - Full payment is charged.

To possibly get back parts of the course fee, a medical note is required, however, we will always charge 25% of the course fee.

IF we cancel the course for some reason, you will always be 100% refunded on all fee deriving from us (registration and course fee).

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